Customer Business Objective

The customer is one of India’s largest oil refining and marketing conglomerate. The company is included in the “Fortune Global 500” list of the world's biggest corporations as of 2016.

The customer wanted to have a unique loyalty program to enhance its market share and to ensure that customers under this program (individuals and corporates) would buy fuel from their retail outlets only. To achieve this the Loyalty Management Platform should be:

  • Supports all loyalty programs like point-based programs, cash back or rebate programs offered while offering ease of use for its end customers, partners and internal staff while giving its customers a pleasant UI experience.
  • Ensure real-time credit points to customers and portal for users to claim their accrued credit points for various rewards, discounts and cash backs.
  • Ensure complete support and benefits to their corporate customers.
  • Provide a platform for partners to offer their products and services in lieu of end customer credit points.
  • The system was required to ensure 24X7 availability

Addressing the objective

Based on the detailed analysis done by Mindgate's Team of expert consultants, a comprehensive web-based portal was offered for the customer to serve the need of Internal Stakeholders and end users. A strong transaction engine was provided to support the web-based portal which helps in carrying out the real-time transactions as well as credit point calculations as per rules and other important tasks. This portal is being used by end-customers as well as company's internal stakeholders. The portal is also equipped with detailed dashboards and reports.

Technology Stack: Front End – Java, Back-End - Oracle


Value of our partnership

Mindgate has provided a fully-integrated loyalty management platform that would enhance the retail consumer experience and allow him to run the complete program safely, strengthen their brand and reward customers for their loyalty
The loyalty management platform has helped our customer address his business requirements effectively. Highlights of the portal include:

  • A robust loyalty management engine ensures that customers loyalty related information is processed correctly, and customers can avail the benefits anytime.

Other features include Reward accumulation module through which points/cash earned by users are calculated automatically based on purchase made by them, Redemption module through which users can redeem the earned points or cash.

  • Payment platform integrations allows customers to use their cards as prepaid valets at any of the company's retail outlets.
  • Provides flexibility for corporate customers to manage the requirements of their vehicle fleet.
  • Provide a platform for partners to offer their products and services in lieu of end customer credit points.
  • Reporting module to track the running campaigns, customers, rewards, payments etc.


Mindgate's Loyalty management platform proved to be a very popular among the end users providing big leap in terms of revenue for our customer.

  • One platform to seamless handle loyalty program for its customers and partners.
  • It’s easy to use UI and robustness has enabled the customer to increase his market share.
  • Corporate customers can also manage the requirements easily for their vehicle fleet
  • 24X7 Availability and Real Time Transaction Overview
  • Detailed MIS and Reporting
  • Automation for Settlement and Reconciliation