Customer Business Objective

NHM is a unique use case where the objective was to have a 360 degree solution for all the accounting and ledger of NHM Scheme Disbursements. Our GBB solution intended to provide the sponsor bank with a framework that would bring about undeterred services to its customer and all scheme disbursements via Digital Channel (PFMS & Bank Channel Pay-outs).

The solution also needed to be robust to be able to service 34 district level and 249 block level control offices apart from more than 10,000 units like Medical Colleges, District Hospitals, Community Health Centers, Primary Health Centers and Sub-Centers.

Addressing the objective

  • In the absence of an automated system manual form of accounting at different levels of Government Departments / Schemes not only made it tedious but affected productivity.
  • Lack of real time information of Budget and Fund utilization at each level.
  • Manual intervention for processing the payments via PFMS exposed the whole process to more erroneous transactions.

This Solution not only helped the Customer in achieving the desired results but also helped the Bank Operations team to open the Physical Bank accounts only where absolute necessary and rest accounts were handled Virtually in the GBB System leading to less operational load.


Value of our partnership

  • Our solution intended to reduce complexities, so the interface login for NHM operation users was made single for Accounting & Bookkeeping purposes and integration with sub-ordinate in house applications like Asha, HRMS, Tally, were made to ease operational blocks.
  • All scheme disbursements via PFMS channel and Utility Payments via Bank Channel.
  • Drill down dashboard with real time information of the Budget and Fund availability across all units managed by the State under NHM Programme.
  • Various detailed reports as per formats depicted by Government of India.

Benefits Accrued

  • Centralized application and one stop repository for all the pay-outs performed.
  • Saving the manual efforts and integration with in-house applications to automate repeated tasks.
  • Opting Virtual Account over Physical Accounts to reduce the operational efficiency.
  • Efficient tracking and real time monitoring of the Scheme Level Progress.

We truly help you to become the next level Digital bank by helping you build solid ecosystems far beyond the traditional models for your customers.