About Customer

Chennai Metro Rail Ltd is a Joint Venture of Government of India and Government of Tamil Nadu with equal equity holding. This metro helps customer to travel within Chennai city.

Business Requirements

CMRL had been offering its customers with payment options like cash, Debit Card, Metro card from the time of its launch. Though these options were good, CMRL felt the need for an easy to use, safe and secure mobile based ticket application for convenience of commuters which made use of the UPI platform for making payments.

  • The overall scope is to avail a new payment option to the merchant through UPI.
  • As device will not support sim card a dedicated customized app would be required which is mapped to customers mobile number
  • A merchant portal would also be required for MIS reporting.

Solution Offered

Mindgate offered a comprehensive solution to CMRL which was built around the UPI platform. Solution features were as follows:

  • Mobile app (Android), which will allow the operator to search the transaction using the Customer reference number and mark the ticket as issued.
  • Mobile application can also generate the QR code which customer can scan to make payment.
  • CMRL was also provided with a comprehensive Web-based portal for enhanced MIS reporting as well as better administrative control over the transactions.

Implementation Highlights

  • The complete solution was made Live within the given timelines.
  • A comprehensive training program was launched by MGS for training CMRL employees on the application.
  • Application had been designed to work at low connectivity.
  • Application was designed for multiple user login on the same device.


The solution helped CMRL to add one more payment method "UPI". The payment experience for the customer is fast and easy.

  • It has also effectively helped CMRL reduce its cash management operations and go 'cashless'.
  • Commuters now have the option of booking their tickets in advance from their personal mobile handsets bypassing the long queque at the ticket window.
  • UPI integration for payments has proven to be a safe, secure and easy option.