Mindgate Solutions VTransact Card and Loyalty Platform is a next generation platform that caters to OMC's (Oil Marketing Companies) card/mobile based transaction platform that can be used by their consumers for transactions at their outlets.

Major advantages of our platform can be accrued in terms of Revenue retention floats, residuals and reduce cash outflow while providing the accessibility and security of plastic payment. Greater Market Penetration through large product offerings and customizable features foster creativeness for adaptability and responsiveness. Convenience – empower clients to manage and transfer funds through a variety of low-cost intuitive products. Easy Integration - engineered for quick and easy deployment as a stand-alone product or in conjunction with existing solutions.

Exhaustive product options combined with intuitive product management allows clients to implement solutions for any occasion or situation and provide their card holders with unmatched versatility. Our innovative product features include Multi-Currency features, Web-Based Self-Service, Custom Business Rules, Flexible Fee Setup, Automated Alerts and End-to-End Inventory Control.