Sets the pace for Digital Transactional Banking services

The next-generation digital platform designed to render seamless and secure banking experience for the corporate banking customers, their business partners and employees.

Low overheads for banks and their corporate customers to manage payments, collections, Liquidity management and working capital finance under one roof.

We help you build the harness to propel in this Digital landscape to heighten your efficiency. Our products are designed to adapt to the changing digital ecosystem.

  • e-Collect

    Single platform for paper-based and electronic smart collection along with AI based reconciliations to render hassle free collections for corporates

  • e-Pay

    Realtime collaborated payments platform comes with multi-currency multi-tenant along with new age digital to manage the secured payments

  • e-Liquidity

    Realtime liquidity, multi-bank collection, pooling, sweeping, intercompany finance, pattern learning and predictive analytics

  • Channels

    ebanking, mbanking, API Banking, micro services and H2H


  • Support for alternative payments e.g. Social media payments, QR code payments, etc.
  • Next generation Digital cash management platform
  • Extend in-house banking facility to large corporates
  • Thrive on Real-Time unified payments
  • Unhindered and prompt decision making based on secure APIs
  • Virtual Account with Multi-tier functions
  • Channel Payment and collection through COBO/POBO model
  • Invoice Presentment and Payment
  • Integrated Bill Payment
  • Request to Pay
  • Mandate Management
  • Invoice Reconciliation and Settlement
  • API Banking
  • Extend in-house banking facility to large corporates
  • Create/extend the open banking facility for multi geography
  • Facilitate the agency banking for B2B2C or P2M2G requirements
  • Provide multiple channels like portal, mobile, H2H, API Banking, block-chain and enabled networks.
  • Creates smart government payment eco-system
  • Mutl-country , multi-tenant
  • New-age digital overlays using faster payment methods and social media
  • Address the high volume but low value segments (SME & commercials)
  • The only platform which supports legacy payments like cash/cheque/mandates etc while facilitating digital payments
  • Fully integrated BOT for analytics, reports, customer assistance, mobility