The objective of the IPOM (Inline Promotion & Offer Management) solution is essentially enable our customers to effectively increase attach of PPC (Product Per Customer) to existing Bank’ customers by leveraging UPI as a platform. The current methodology of reaching out to customers thru SMS/E-mail etc can only achieve at the best 1% - 2% conversion ratios for Cross-sell / Up-sell purpose. Intent is to increase this to 25+% of ROI conversion. If we can get “Relevant Promo/Offer to Customers basis analysis when a Transaction is in-progress & in-context to the Transaction in true Real-time, there is a high likely chance of Customer signing-up for the Offer. IPOM help achieve this objective.

We offer a powerful yet easily customizable Policy Engine that allows you to incorporate your own business promotions which allows your business to fine tune and automate responses for transactions. Every payment business faces different opportunities with its customers; with us you have the ability to tailor the solution to meet these varying and evolving business needs.

For example, you may:

      • Personalize offers or create differential offers for good customers who respond favorably to them
      • Create reciprocity trigger option if offers are being repeatedly rejected.
      • Build positioning control for different scenarios or special/limited promotions.
      • Build themes – offers – expressions – segment – and other context blue prints for successful future repeat promotions

Highlights of our Inline Promotion & Offers (IPOM) solution as below:

  • Seamless Inline experience – One with your UPI or Mobile App Without Distracting Users
    • You can embed your ‘relevant’ offers in the mobile application during the transaction process. This ensures that your opt-in won’t feel out-of-line/out of context, giving you maximum call-to-action effect and resulting uptake.
  • Select the Most Converting Inline Using Analytics and Split Testing
    • IPOM provides full flexibility to create, run and test unlimited Inline opt-ins. Using our Analytics and Split testing feature, you can easily choose which of your Inline is performing the best compared to others.
  • Personalize offers with full context aware user level targeting
    • Display your Inline opt-ins only to specific users for specific transactions using our transaction aware feature, or from specific locations using our Geo-Targeting feature. Set rules as to when and whom to show the inline opt-in using timing controls and targeting.
  • Increase Conversions Using Mobile Friendly Opt-ins
    • More than 60% of the time, people accept real time, inline offers which are carefully crafted and analytically perfected. IPOM offers Inline opt-ins and next best offers embedder on mobile and tablets with all features and powerful targeting rules to gain maximum conversions.
    • Recognize users and streamline the payments process with zero added friction – Seamless Integration with TSP
    • Use advanced behavioral analytics and machine learning to continuously improve opt-in and reduce rejection for each customer