Mindgate's Marketplace is a comprehensive, one stop mix & match middleware platform to integrate all Corporates, Partners and Service providers and make them available for front end channels such as mobile apps, web portal, internet banking, etc. of Banks, Corporates and  Partners.

Mindgate will provide marketplace platform to Banks and other entities as a technology service provider and help in onboarding various services to the platform. Front-end channels can be integrated with help of UI / UI less SDK, Rest API, Deep Integration, Redirection, etc.

  • Unified & Integrated service management platform
  • Configuration of payment modes, service fees and payout mode at each service level
  • Leveraging bank's existing digital payment/collection platform
  • Reversal / Failed & Broken Transaction management
  • Multi party commission management
  • Comprehensive dashboard for higher visibility
  • A complete integrated services platform for banks to manage front end channels and transactions.
  • Features like services mapping & fees management help banks and service providers to carry out operations effectively.
  • Front-end integration with banks collections and payment channels helps it to offer customers with a variety of services offering.
  • Banks can effectively cross sell their products through the platform.