Mobile Collect Platforms true potential can be unleashed in the digital commerce domain by bringing these ideations to the merchant and corporate ecosystem.

  • Acquiring Interfaces: Mobile, Web, Kiosk, POS, PC-POS, API’s, H2H.
  • Transaction Channels: HTTPS, SMS, USSD, RFID, NFC, OTA
  • Transaction Identities: Mobile Devices, Biometrics, Virtual address, Cards, Transaction/Identity Tokens, National ID’s, RFIDTags
  • Value Added Services: Merchant Management, Reconciliation and Settlement, Dispute Management, Risk Management, Analytics.
  • Transactions: Face 2 Face payments, Collect payments, QR payments, Identity Token/National ID payments, Bulk payments, H2H payments.
  • Data Presentation: Merchant transaction monitoring, Dispute management, Refund management, Operational management, Analytics and Reporting.


  • Channel Management
    • Supports Transactions from all standard delivery channels including SMS, GPRS, Web etc.
  • Loyalty/Rewards Management
    • Offers comprehensive loyalty and detailed redemption configuration.
  • Promotions/Campaign Management
    • Promotion configuration with the ability to map to location (complete geographical hierarchy – from country level to specific merchant, customer or program level.