With the advent of digital transactions, the customer's needs for an option for having a wallet that can be used for quick and fast transactions has seen a spurt in demand for a wallet as a financial instrument.

The Prepaid platform helps banks bridge this need with the ability to engage even the unbanked customers to leverage the facility for financial transactions.

Our platform is built on open source technology framework and is optimized for high scale and volume.

The platform enables to open up their service offerings for all participants across channels with a quick turnaround time and with reduced TCO.

  • Empower clients to manage and transfer funds through a variety of low-cost intuitive products.
  • Engineered for quick and easy deployment as a stand-alone product or in conjunction with existing solutions
  • Offer several currency purses on a single card for global flexibility
  • Supports Cards (Magstripe, Chip, NFC), Mobile, RFID
  • Configurable fee setting for variable customer demographics.
  • Customizable notification features for increased awareness.
  • Supports Transactions from all standard delivery channels including SMS, GPRS, Web.
  • Supports offerings such as multi currency, travel card, bonus cards, remittance cards, gift cards, payroll cards etc.
  • Supports creation and management of distributors and agencies, collection of organization details, credit scoring, issuance and product management.
  • Supports reconciliation report, settlement file generation, dispute management