Increase the efficiency of your financial accounting with Mindgate's Reconciliation Platform which is designed specifically to simplify the reconciliation and settlement process. It automates the entire process from data collection and aggregation through matching and exception reporting, ensuring data accuracy It is an end-to-end solution that loads source files, matches transactions from multiple sources, manages exceptions, resolves conflicts, generates file reports, and uploads files to hosts and interchanges.

Our convenient and easy to use reconciliation solution reduces time and hassles of reconciling and settling through multiple network connections.

  • Offers two and three-way reconciliation
  • Automated scheduling of reconciliation activity
  • User defined rules to generate alerts on chargeback, retrieval request and response
  • Supports all interchange networks across multiple delivery channels
  • Force match option to manually settle un-reconciled entries
  • Incorporates automated alerting and escalation, with the ability to apply /re-apply manual matches within a secure audit trail
  • Precise reporting and clear presentation including dashboards and drill-downs delivered in multi-channel
  • The flexibility to define workflows, authorization limits and exception management paths.
  • Automated CBS File Posting
  • Bank Revenue Calculation
  • Processes large volume of transactions per day on highly scalable platform
  • Increases operational efficiency and helps meet regulatory requirements
  • Handles all transactions and account types
  • Offers flexible and high-performance reconciliation platform
  • Reduces time, cost and hassles of reconciling and settling through multiple network connections