Mindgate’s Utility Payments solutions is an integrated approach for digital billing and payments providing a simple, straightforward and convenient experiences for users across all channels with our scalable, flexible and secure billing solutions.

Our solution helps in accelerated revenue collection and improved customer engagement while reducing regulatory risk and cost. Our solution also supports also supports file interfaces for billers who do not have an online bill hosting facility.

  • Presentment of bills, invoices, notice and account statement summary
  • Single or recurring payments scheduling
  • Ready solution with interfacing for UPI and BBPS interfaces
  • Supports payment enquiries online
  • Manages Refunds including refund to source of funds system (ex. Virtual wallet, credit gateway)
  • Bill reconciliation
  • Bill dispute Management
  • Due date reminders
  • Caters to end-customer preferences by providing channel and payment options
  • Speeds up revenue collection by offering a full range of payment options
  • Helps improve cash flow and quicker payment settlements
  • Secure, accurate and timely payments for customers and billers
  • Increases loyalty and bank brand awareness among bank customers
  • Offers cost-effective and time saving payment option to customers