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The growth levers of the Digital Ecosystem: Banks, Fintechs and Social Payments

Real-time payments (also referred to as immediate payments and instant payments) are gaining ground, driven by consumer demand for speed and convenience. The global Real-Time Payments market size is projected to grow at a CAGR of 16.6% during 2021-2026 and more than half a trillion real-time payments transactions will be processed over the next five years. Faster Payments Service in the UK, UPI in India, NPP in Australia, and TCH-RTP in the U.S. are live examples of Real Time Payments globally and some of these regions have witnessed a meteoric growth. In the last six months, financial institutions have turned to digital technology to deliver the value of Real-Time Payments.

With this rapid increase in adoption of Real Time Payments, there is greater focus for participants in the financial ecosystem to continue to deliver value via digital solutions. And, in order to achieve this, collaboration amongst the various constituents is essential.

Mindgate has been working with clients globally to keep pace and grow in the Real Time Payments segment. Our panel attempts to bring all the relevant players together to share their thoughts on this topic of relevance.


Reed Luhtanen - Executive Director - US Faster Payments Council
Mitesh Agarwal - Customer Engineering Director - Google Cloud
Sanjay Desai - Executive Vice President - IT - HDFC Bank
Sony A. - Head - Digital Banking - South Indian Bank

Moderator: John Burgos - Vice President Business Development - US & Canada

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