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Globalizing the real-time payments (UPI) experience

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Our Journey

Incorporated a decade ago, Mindgate has chronicled stupendous growth and established a strong presence in India, Middle East & ASEAN market with over 65 plus global banks and payment providers for whom we provide digital payments/collections platform.

We have etched an incredible story in India. As a pioneer in instant real- time payment systems in the country, the Mindgate platform processes close to 65% of UPI (Unified Payments Interface) transactions with major Indian banks. We have also been the go-to technology partners for 11 major banks of Middle East. Our daily transactions surged as high as 40 million establishing our might in the digital payments and collections arena. Equipped with 21 multi-country adapters, we are poised to be the financial services partner for banks globally. Our strategic collaboration with ACI Worldwide will further empower us to bring to the table an agile digital overlay platform juxtaposed with ACI platform that has a proven track record, globally on digital payments and collections.

Being one of the forerunners in government payments and payments via social channels in India, our aim is to innovate constantly and devise the most contemporary digitized transaction banking platform. With adequate experience in sustainable delivery models, we have the expertise to build scalable platforms that are capable of executing voluminous transactions. The experience and scale in India has helped us expand rapidly in the global arena.

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  • George SAM

    Co-founder & Business Head
  • Guhan Muthusamy

    Co-founder and Software Architect
  • Tulasinath Kadiyala

    Global Sales Head
  • Nilesh Correia

    Senior Vice President
  • Balaji Muthu

    Director Middle East and Africa
  • Krishnadas Karuparambil

    Deputy Vice President
  • John Burgos

    Vice President Business Development – US & Canada
  • Vinu Sam

    Director-North and South America